9.11 Butoh

Xylo Gogo

Looking Back


Containers: A Brassiere Tale

Rock the cradle Cradle the rock

Bouncing Betties


Moth Ball (Excerpt)

Art Lab After Dark


Ritual Cabaret Festival. Coney Island, NY. March 2018.

More group videos to come soon.


9.11.  Sept 2010. Butoh. Solo Florence Poulain. Deep Tanks.

Xylo Go Go. 04.09.11. Duo Alethea Vasilas & Florence Poulain. Deep Tanks.

Looking Back. Dec. 08 2012. Solo Florence Poulain. Deep Tanks.

Containers: A Brassiere Tale, March 2014. Solo. Florence Poulain: Woman’s Day. Deep Tanks Studio. 

Migration, June 2014. Solo Florence Poulain at the Alice Austen Museum. With guests. 

L.O.V.E., Feb 14, 2015. Typewriter Art: Betty. Duo: Jayoung Young & Florence Poulain,  SI Science Museum.

THE DEEP TANKS BUTOH ENSEMBLE has danced in festivals, museums, block parties & green market.  Here is a list of the performances taking place in the community on Staten Island, NY from 2010 through 2015.

Dancers: Meliande Echanique, Esperanza Santiago, Lys Obsidian, Michael Stipkala, Margaret Chase, Jayoung Yoon, Bob Lyness, Ann Marie Akash, Annette Mae, Keiko Hashimoto, Sane Simoniello, Johnson Mcgee, Eric Alter, Ollie Oliver, Anjoli Chadha, Mia Yang, Ian Yang, Jessica Yang, Jesaca Soubi Lin, Joaquin Padilla, Florence Poulain, Tammy Harwood. 

Guests Performers: Living Through Movement, Irina Kom, Cindy Butz, Katherine Adamenko, Beatrice VS., Alethea Vasilas. 

Composers, Musicians & Narrators: Malarts, Kevin Norton, Bones, Vegas Berlin, Brandon Perdomo, John W. Snyder, Nani Ferrera-Mathews, Staten Island Outloud, Diane Matyas, Pat DeSicco, Mike Caban, George Alvarez, Tanya Acevedo

Cameras: Willie Chu, Zachary Skinner, Kristopher Johnson, Bob Lyness. 

SPARC,  Sept. 2012.  NYC Grant with the Stapleton Senior Center & DT Block Party.

Fembot, May 2013. NYS Encore Grant in collaboration with LGBTQ Center. 

Moth Ball, July 2013. SI Science Museum Court Yard. 

Dreams: Edgar Poe, Sept. 2013. Day de Dada & SI Outloud. Unitarian Church Gardens. 

Vegetables, Nov 2013. Green Market Vegetables explorations. St George Lot.

Run-A-Way, Jan 11, 2014. Animals and bound humans. Deep Tanks Butoh: The Art Lab, Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

SI Outloud Poetry of Shakespeare and Tibetan Lama. “April 2014. Tibetan Museum.

A Walk - April 2014. St George Festival, Thompkins Square. 

My Name is., March 2014. Deep Tanks Butoh Swan Day

Moth Ball, June 2014.  Lumen Performance Arts Festival.  Council for the Arts Grant.

Pods, October 2014. Halloween, Frontier without Borders Fundraiser. Unitarian Church.

Home, March 2015.  Swan Day.

Alive, June 2015. Lumen Performance Arts Festival. 

Animals, June 2015. Lumen Performance Arts Festival.

Paper, June 2015. Lumen Performance Arts Festival & guests with Living through Movement.

Moth Evolution, July 2015. Duo: Bob Lyness & Florence Poulain. Greenbelt Park with SI Museum.

Alive Again, July 2015. Staten Island Outloud. Freud and Dreams. Clay Pit Park.


Coney Island Ritual Cabaret. March 2017. Diego Pinon Ensemble. NYC.